World Banknote Collecting
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Welcome to this page dedicated to my hobby of collecting World Banknotes.
I have swapped banknotes with many people all over the world and I am always pleased to be contacted by new collectors.

Please email me with your doubles list and I will reply with mine.

I normally like to trade using 'Pick' prices but this is not written in stone, please contact me and I am sure we can work out a deal.

At the bottom of the page you will find a BLACK LIST.
Luckily the list is short but you will find listed here people that I have had unsatisfactory dealings with and they still owe me banknotes.
It is up to you if trade with these individuals but you have been warned.
Abhishek Mittal (Ankit Bhagheria)
Kennet Sanders
Oleg Chebotarev
Gregory Moulen
All of Kennet Sanders Rarities
Frederick Buwe's Coins
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